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Born in Manhattan but raised in Ecuador, Mike moved to West New York, New Jersey in his early teens. He was first introduced to salsa in 2000. By 2001, his passion for dancing led him to become both a performer and—with his background in teaching—an invaluable dance instructor. Through dedication, creativity and skill, Mike quickly earned the reputation as one of the East Coast’s finest. His soft lead and smooth movements make him a popular choice among the ladies, while his unique styling and shines make him the envy of gentlemen. His knowledge in Latin dancing spans beyond salsa and includes other popular styles such as Mambo, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha and Casino Rueda. He has traveled extensively, performing at Salsa Congresses both locally and internationally. Look for the large crowds in the salsa scene, and you’ll find Mike Andino teaching in the center. His inspiration is evidenced by his large following. Whether a student is 5 or 85, Mike is known for helping the beginner-level dancer feel comfortable and confident, while always reinforcing his most important rule: to have fun. Although always smiling, Michael works hard and takes his career seriously. His drive and motivation led him to become a founding member of Art in Motion Latin Dancers in 2004.



Later that year, he launched the successful children’s dance group Kids Con Estilo. By 2006, Michael’s motivation led him to open his own studio, Estilo Dance Studio, in Philadelphia, PA, where he has built a successful studio creating hundreds of dancers and building the confident levels of everyone he teaches. While maintaining his studio in Philadelphia, in 2015 Michael joined the staff of Hotsalsahot, located in Hamilton NJ as lead Salsa Instructor. Spreading his talent across state lines, from group classes to private lessons, Michael continues to create dancers of all ages in both locations.


Sexy Bachata class.


7:30pm Beginners

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Raised in a Caribbean island, Haiti, where dancing is a unique combination of Kompa, Zouk, Folklore, Troubadou, and some other strong west African dances. Rogerson St Jean has had an unconditional and unique passion for dancing. He got introduced to the latin dances of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Chachacha in 2002 and he felt in love with them and never looked back. He started with Hotsalsahot in January 2008. Rogerson has performed in many

Roger StJean

Salsa, Bachata and Zouk Congresses with the Hotsalsahot and Zouk teams. In 2015 he had his first Bachata Student Performance in various Bachata Congresses. He has an artistic distinctive and sexy style

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Jay Rivera was born and raised in Trenton NJ. He started dancing salsa in 1999. Though he is of Puertorican decent, the cultural style or homegrown salsa that he learned from his parents wasn’t going to make it on the dance floor. So he took his first class with the great Jose “Papo” Diaz in Trenton NJ; learning the on 2 style passed down from the legendary Eddie “Mambo King” Torres of NYC. Jay was able to expand that style in and out of the tri-state area, including Chicago - DC - Florida - Texas - Arizona just to name a few. Making the Philly circuit one of his favorite stomping grounds (

because the dancing and people are great) during his early years, he transferred the on 2 style to Salsa on 1 because Philly was known for Salsa on 1. He was one of the very few dancers on 2 that Philly had in those early years. After 5 years of social dancing he decided to start teaching in local establishments; colleges and dance studios in the Trenton area. He also choreographed many sweet 16’s, wedding parties and social events. No matter what level of dancer he has, his style of teaching breaks it down to its basic form. The on 2 style is sensual, it allows the woman to show off her moves and turns in an elegant and sexy way, yet allows the lead to be confident in what he is doing.

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